"Nadia was such a pleasure to work with to decorate our first home. We were able to bring in the dimensions of our new build and she had a great eye for furniture and decorating the walls. She was trustworthy and we love every piece she picked out. We will definitely use Nadia's expertise and services with future decorating!"
--Megan Deal, client
"Nadia transformed our 3500 office space into a Magazine editorial worthy space. Our employees love coming to work in their new gorgeous environment. Our only regret was not using her from the start. She saved our project when it was on the brink of disaster, turning it into a show-stopping masterpiece (kept within our price point). She managed our crew beautifully, bringing out the best of their talents. Her enthusiasm for design was contagious & downright fun. And the results surpassed our expectations, especially after working with many subpar designers in our area. Interiors, Inc is the BEST. True gem!"
--Jen, client
"Nadia did an amazing job when she helped us furnish our new 4br/4bath home in Miami. We moved from a small condo, so it was a very large project with many difficult spaces. She was able to do it beautifully through email and a couple of in-person visits. Light fixtures, art, rugs, custom window treatments, indoor and outdoor furniture, decor for all rooms from soup to nuts. In the end, she delivered a beautiful home that was still welcoming and safe for our young children. Each space was unique but cohesive. Her choices for light fixtures spectacular. When we decided to move and had to sell the house, her work helped us easily sell the house within a day of listing."
--Evelyn Sheehan, client
"I engaged Nadia to assist in the remodel of a 20 year old condo. She brought an innovative eye and beautiful customization to my project. The end result is a beautiful, livable space that I am so proud to call my own. Highly recommend her services."
--Marilyn Orr, client
"The Interiors Inc design team was exceptional to work with. We did a 6 Bedroom, 7 Bath, new build with a very unique layout. At first, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted I just knew what I didn't want. Nadia broke the process down so easily and efficiently I was able to wrap my head around the project. She and Corree worked perfectly together and made the project enjoyable instead of something I was dreading. They worked with me through the entire process, from the drawings to furniture placement. Nadia's structual knowledge coupled with her creativity resulted in a magnificent home. We loved all the contractors and trade people she works with. We would highly recommend Interiors INC and will be using them for any future projects."
--Linda Wellington, client
"This is my first time working with interiors INC. Nadia and Corree exceeded my expectations. My house is amazing, you must see."
--Jan Hoberm, client
"We had a fantastic experience with Interiors Inc. Nadia was great and has tons of ideas. We absolutely love the outcome and can't wait to use them again!"
--Vineet Sehgal, client
"I hired Interiors INC when planning a family room (2013) and complete kitchen remodel (2014). Nadia walked along me every step of the way, offering her qualified advice and even nudging me outside of my comfort zone at times and the result was magnificent. My family room was transformed from a tired space that was seldom used to one where my husband and I can hardly be pried out of! We tackled the kitchen project at the same time as planning my daughters wedding, and I don't know what I would have done without Nadia! When I chose a tile, she promptly chose a coordinating tile effortlessly. She fought for the right material for our counter tops when we couldn't find just the right one. And when I mentioned that I wanted a zinc topped table, she immediately showed me the one she recommended. Choosing light fixtures is my biggest challenge and so I deferred most of those decisions to Nadia. She did not disappoint.... every light fixture is perfect for the space. Most recently I updated a guest bedroom (2015) and again, Interiors INC was instrumental in delivering just the right pieces to enhance what I already owned. I recommend Interiors INC for anyone who wants to revamp their living space!"
--Brenda Craig, client
"I walked into Interiors Inc. and just loved all of the items in the store. I found out that they are willing to come to your home and do an hour consultation for $85 (as of this post). There are no extra or continuing fees after that (at least I didn't pay any)! You can walk into their store at any time and ask more questions. It is an outstanding deal for the price of the consultation alone. Through my experience with them I've found that they are extremely talented (like having HGTV come to your home) and also so well priced and easy to work with. I had been thinking about how to decorate the great room in my house for a long time, and I needed some help. Nadia and Corree came over and listened to all of my ideas and asked about my style. They then gave a lot of helpful ideas and suggestions for how to transform the room. For every question I had, it seemed like they had a brilliant idea. They also are connected to talented contractors for each project (like electrical work or putting in flooring). I didn't have them write a formal plan for my room, but I believe they do that also. I just stop in the store when I am ready to decide on the next item for my room. I have bought quite a few pieces from their store for the room as they are so beautiful. Sometimes I would also match their ideas with items on craigslist. I'm about half-way done with my room but it is already looking amazing. Thanks Nadia and Corree!"
--Amanda C, client
"Interiors Inc. Helped me layout , design, and furnish an addition to our home. We converted our garage to. A master bedroom bath and walk-in closet! We also added a mud room, laundry room and garage. Nadia helped me with the entire project for 7 months. She was awesome with lighting, countertops, room layout. I purchased all furniture, art pieces, floor covering, and drapes from Interiors Inc. Best of all , she stayed within budget, I would highly recommend her." 
--Mary Auth, client
"Nadia and her team at Interiors Inc listened to our ideas, understood our style, and helped us transform our empty East Hampton home into a gorgeous and relaxing space. We interviewed several designers before deciding on Interiors Inc. Nadia and Corree were incredibly easy to work with and really went out of their way to make the process as easy as possible! They are organized and detail-oriented which made everything easier! They are a great team and we highly recommend them. We finally have the sea side escape we have always dreamt of.
--Matthew Parker, client
"My husband and I are so happy we worked with Interiors INC. After several bad experiences with other designers, we were hesitant to work with a designer when we started construction of our new home. After a month of our builder pushing their "in-house" designer on us we knew we needed help if we wanted this to look like our dream home. We didn't want our home to look like every other home the builder built but it was clear that was the direction we were heading. After asking friends and people around town, Nadia and Interiors Inc. came highly recommended. Unlike our prior experiences where we dreaded the design meetings, working with Interiors' Inc. was so different. Not only did the house end up AMAZING, even my husband said that Nadia made the design meetings fun. She and her team are so passionate about design that it just rubs off on you.  Ultimately, Interiors Inc. led us step by step through the design process and worked well with our builder to make sure our home was beatiful, unique and truly our dream home."
--C. Anderson, client
"Nadia and interiors, Inc. is top notch! Nadia has made a few very difficult rooms in my house look spectacular!! She pulled together some eclectic pieces to complete my living room. Also, she easily recognised how to rearrange some of my existing prices to give rooms a fresh look. She is very quick to get material swatches and follow through with the orders. Highly recommend!!!"
--Autumn & Kyle Chapple, clients
"We moved into a much larger new home in Chicago and the scope was overwhelming. Interiors INC, Nadia and her team came highly recommend by a friend that has worked with her in the past. She was amazing, creative, exciting and professional throughout the entire process. She re-worked the entire home to create perfection for our family. She did every aspect of the project from construction to design to product selection to furniture layout and purchase, even exterior. She return to do all accessories for a seamless finish. Even though she was not local, she and her team was readily available and made it effortless and efficient. I have and would continue to recommend her. We are currently in the process of purchasing a home in Florida and I have already reached out to Interiors INC to work on the project."
--A. Grey, client
"Corree helped me with fabric and design choices for a new couch and I loved her ability to understand what my style and preferences were. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Great experience!"
--Shellee K, client
"I have something from Interiors Inc in almost every room in my house! Moving from an apartment to a house was overwhelming and they made my decorating process much easier by giving general style tips as well as suggesting specific pieces for me to look at. I did not have a large budget and found I could still get some amazing pieces that weren't over the top."
--Mel R, client
"I have enjoyed working with Nadia and Interiors Inc. For me it has been an adventure in balancing old (1500 painting and vintage furniture) with a new transitional approach. Her travel to the market and shows enable her to inventory the most current trend setting items in her store. She works well with any budget and makes herself available when needed as well as having the proper contacts for large projects. Our home has just begun the process of changing into a more transitional and updated feel. I look forward to working with Nadia and I would recommend visiting her store Interiors Inc. and working with for your interior design needs."
--Francie N, client
"Interiors INC offers expertise in finding the perfect furniture and accessories to fill a space and create a unique and welcoming home. I look forward to continuing to work with them on larger home remodeling projects."
--Katie Stell, client
"Interiors Inc helped us do a complete dining room, foyer and kitchen remodel. They helped us choose tile, counter tops, tables, lights and more. They helped us find our design style and the products to match. I would recommend them for any home decorating and design projects."
--John Schmidt, client
By Nadia Wearsch